18 Menat and 40 Bastet



Today’s duo is Bastet, the cat goddess, and Menat, the necklace that embodies joy and dancing. Bastet is possibly the most popular of the goddesses for her affectionate and playful nature, but she has a serious side in which she is the protector of Pharaoh and destroyer of Apep, the god of destruction. Anyone who has played with a kitten or cat knows that moving an object back and forth is so tantalizing that the cat can’t resist pouncing and trapping that object. When you dance the joyful dance of life, you are being like Bastet. She encourages you to be joyful in all that you do and lets you in on her secret, that joy is the weapon that overcomes fear. So dance forward, trampling the the things that you fear under foot. Show them who is boss!

17 Mut and 31 Ib


Mut – Mother

Today’s cards are Mut, the vulture goddess that represents motherhood, and Ib, the hieroglyph for the heart, which is considered to be the seat of the conscience and moral thought. Mut is one of the two protectors of Pharaoh and of the land of Egypt. In both cases, she is as protective as a mother, watching everything that happens and spreading her wings in protection if she sees danger coming. The heart is the most important part of your body, for it is considered to be where you make your choices for good. The ancients believed their hearts would be weighed in a final judgment before they would enter heaven for eternity. Mut is here to remind you that you always have a choice. It is not always clear which is best, so look to the feelings and promptings of your heart to make your choices.

16 Udjat and 25 Amun



Today’s cards are the Udjat, the eye of Re or Heru (Horus) that is more than a watchful eye – it is an active principle that can either create or destroy. The other is the god Amun, the powerful creator god that is invisible like the wind, and took Egypt to the height of her empire in the ancient world. Watchfulness and unseen power combine to make things happen in unexpected ways. If you are seeking change in your life, pay attention to what is going on around you. If there is a way to put your energy into the situation you want to change, do so carefully, after researching the possibilities. If you are unable to physically do anything towards change, you are always free to use your mind and heart to pray about it to the God of your understanding.

15 Sekhmet and 56 Ausar

Sekhmet - Fire

Sekhmet – Fire

Sekhmet, the powerful daughter of the sun god, Re, joins Ausar, the god who created civilization and agriculture and who rules the afterlife. Together Fire or Light (Sekhmet) joins in the ultimate creation (humanity on Earth). Your part in this, as a child of the God of your understanding, is to be consciously aware of your ability to make positive changes as this creation unfolds. God is not through with creating yet, and you, as are all other people, are his agents. What you live, do and say does make a difference!

14 Set and 22 Was

Set - Passion

Set – Passion

Today Set, the Ancient Egyptian god of storms and chaos brings with him the hieroglyph Was, the staff of power. Set wishes to tell you that all storms within your mind come from your own feelings. He cautions you to look into those feelings before acting without thinking. Today we know that once you punch the “enter” key, a post cannot be taken back. Life is like that too. Once you have spoken something out loud, you can only apologize and ask for forgiveness, as it never can be taken back. Set hands you the Was, the staff of power, to show you who is really in control of your feelings and your actions – it is you!

12 Mayat and 54 Serket



Two goddesses from Ancient Egypt come together to bring you this message. Mayat is the goddess of Truth and Righteousness, while Serket is the goddess of Writing and Measurement. They suggest to you that the best tool to track your spiritual growth is to keep a journal where you record your questions, the answers you have found, and the results of making changes in your attitude and your life. The measurement factor comes from reading your own journal at a later time. Read and search for patterns. Watch the time that elapses between making a change and the result that follows from that change. This information will guide you in your future choices to make the best possible choice.

8 Seshew and 41 Nuit

08SeshewIconSeshew, the kit of the scribe which represents the art of writing, and Nuit, the goddess of the night-time sky who is the heaven where the ancestors abide as the golden stars on her belly bring you the thought that receiving messages from your ancestors is possible. The Ancients were very aware of their lineages and paid great attention to the funerary temples of their pharaohs, knowing they had become gods in the heavens. Your own personal ancestry is important in many ways. Beyond knowing the genetics, you should also know their accomplishments because they are the foundation upon which you can build your own future. Take some time to interview your elders or look them up in a genealogy database. What you learn might surprise you.

1 Shu and 17 Mut

Shu - Air

Shu – Air

Shu, the Ancient Egyptian god of the element air, and Mut, one of two goddesses who protect Ancient Egypt, come together to let you know that communication can bring protection. Air, or the sky itself, is the home of the vulture, the totem of Mut. Having eyesight as good or better than an eagle, the vulture watches from high above. Where communication comes in is this; you need to communicate with others so they will know where you will be, a form of human level protection. You must also communicate through prayer with the God of your understanding what you need to progress in life and in your spiritual path. Keeping God in your mind and heart as you grow in experience and wisdom brings a form of protection unavailable otherwise