Egypt Cards to return in September

Like the little Int fish, which is the guide for the Barque of Ra, the scribe for Egypt Cards is swimming upstream. We plan to return to our postings in September and hope you will tune in. Your comments and questions are always welcome. Em hotep



18 Menat and 40 Bastet



Today’s duo is Bastet, the cat goddess, and Menat, the necklace that embodies joy and dancing. Bastet is possibly the most popular of the goddesses for her affectionate and playful nature, but she has a serious side in which she is the protector of Pharaoh and destroyer of Apep, the god of destruction. Anyone who has played with a kitten or cat knows that moving an object back and forth is so tantalizing that the cat can’t resist pouncing and trapping that object. When you dance the joyful dance of life, you are being like Bastet. She encourages you to be joyful in all that you do and lets you in on her secret, that joy is the weapon that overcomes fear. So dance forward, trampling the the things that you fear under foot. Show them who is boss!

1 Shu and 17 Mut

Shu - Air

Shu – Air

Shu, the Ancient Egyptian god of the element air, and Mut, one of two goddesses who protect Ancient Egypt, come together to let you know that communication can bring protection. Air, or the sky itself, is the home of the vulture, the totem of Mut. Having eyesight as good or better than an eagle, the vulture watches from high above. Where communication comes in is this; you need to communicate with others so they will know where you will be, a form of human level protection. You must also communicate through prayer with the God of your understanding what you need to progress in life and in your spiritual path. Keeping God in your mind and heart as you grow in experience and wisdom brings a form of protection unavailable otherwise

15 Sekhmet and 27 HetHer

Sekhmet - Fire

Sekhmet – Fire

Today brings two goddesses whose passion is overflowing. One is Sekhmet, the daughter of Re who represents the sun at high noon. The other is HetHer (Hathor), the goddess of beauty and dance, whose passion for luxury is as wide as the daytime sky, which is her home. Together they let you know that whatever makes your heart sing, whether it be a hobby, a philosophy, or a project you are working on, is there to bring you the joy that you deserve. Open your heart wide and life life to the full!

27 HetHer and 48 Hetch

HetHer - Hathor

HetHer (Hathor) – Luxury

HetHer (Hathor), the Ancient Egyptian goddess of beauty and luxury brings you the hieroglyph, Hetch, the precious metal, Silver. Silver was once used to create mirrors, for the ruling class only, because of its cost. The mirror is a useful tool. Not only do you see what you look like to others, but you also see it in reverse, making the mirror a tricky thing. HetHer reminds you that other people are also your mirror. In their eyes, you see how you look (how you present yourself) to that person. If you are unsure who you really are, HetHer suggests you take some time with all of your mirrors, the ones on the wall and the ones in your life. They have a lot to show you that you might have overlooked.

1 Shu and 28 Re



Shu, the Ancient Egyptian god of the element of Air, joins Re, the sun god who created all that exists to tell you the secret of this creation. Like Re, who spoke the world into being, you too can speak your life into being. The use of positive affirmations has long been recognized as a way to change one’s outlook from negative to positive. This also can go beyond into becoming the creator of your life. When you carefully design affirmations of the qualities and events you would like to unfold, you are taking steps toward this leaving the realm of possibilities and coming into being now, in the present.

2 Djed and 32 Heqet

Djed Pillar

Djed Pillar – Stability

The Djed pillar, which represents stability, and Heqet, the Ancient Egyptian goddess of prosperity through multiplication, tell you that a seeming pair of opposites can combine to bring you success. If you stay the same, and are somewhat stubborn, you will miss out on all the energy released wherever a great period of growth is going on. An example comes from the old West of America, where the person who stayed home missed out on the land rush where everyone was allowed to race to a spot and claim it. In order to take part in the rush, you are required to be vigilant in watching for signs of change. Once you spot a sign, you must be ready and willing to jump forward, just like the thousands of children Heqet bears each spring.

4 Nefer and 48 Hetch



Two Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs combine in today’s message. Nefer, the symbol for all that is good as well as beauty, joins Hetch, the glyph for the precious metal, Silver, to let you know that all that glistens is not gold. Instead of looking where the advertisers on your televisions and cell phones point for you to buy things that you don’t need, look for what is good and lasting in value. While silver does not have the same high price as gold does, yet it has capabilities that gold does not have, making it more valuable in certain cases. The most notable is that silver is a natural antibiotic, having the ability to purify what it touches, so is often used in water purification systems. So look for what you need and what will last and you will find what is good and beautiful as well.

18 Menat and 35 Int



The glyphs for today are the Menat, a rattle worn during dance that represents joy, and the Int, a pilot fish that leads the boat of Re through the perilous journey at night to successfully begin a new day at dawn. When your path seems full of peril, remember the joy that you already have in your life. By focusing on hardships, they will only grow in number and in strength. Instead, know that joy will be like the little Int fish, guiding you through rough waters.

32 Heqet and 40 Bastet



Today’s duo of goddesses from Ancient Egypt bring you tremendous energy. Heqet, the frog-headed goddess, is the mother of thousands of tadpoles every year, just wriggling with energy. Bastet, the cat goddess, is a playful protector whose energy is multiplied every time she takes a nap. Together they tell you that there is enough energy to go around for everyone. If you are feeling tired and worn down, take time to be silly like a frog or playful like a cat and shake off the doldrums keeping you from accomplishing what you want in life.