Labor Day 2014 – Shu the god of Air

Shu, the Ancient Egyptian god of Air

Shu, the Ancient Egyptian god of Air

Shu, the Ancient Egyptian god of the element of Air, comes to you today, holding his sky over his head. He asks you to look to the sky for your limits. Whenever you feel you do not have enough power or presence to accomplish what you need to do, remember that Shu has filled you with the air you need, not only to breathe life, but also to express yourself. Be mindful of what you say and how you say it, for you are adding to Shu’s sky. Therefore, please see that your limits are set by the words you say about yourself and the world around you. The choice is yours.

1 Shu and 17 Mut

Shu - Air

Shu – Air

Shu, the Ancient Egyptian god of the element air, and Mut, one of two goddesses who protect Ancient Egypt, come together to let you know that communication can bring protection. Air, or the sky itself, is the home of the vulture, the totem of Mut. Having eyesight as good or better than an eagle, the vulture watches from high above. Where communication comes in is this; you need to communicate with others so they will know where you will be, a form of human level protection. You must also communicate through prayer with the God of your understanding what you need to progress in life and in your spiritual path. Keeping God in your mind and heart as you grow in experience and wisdom brings a form of protection unavailable otherwise

11 Anpu and 52 Bennu

Anpu - Anubis

Anpu – Anubis

Anpu, the jackal-headed god of Ancient Egypt, brings a Bennu Bird as a message that what you are seeking is a safe place. Anpu was known as the way-shower, a guide who would walk before you on the perilous journey to the Duat, the land of eternity. The Bennu was part of a creation myth where the primeval waters were separated from dry land, to make a place for human kind to live. If you are in a place where things are not going well for you, one option is to seek dry land, a place free from worries and tears. This can be a place for you to spend time, like in a place of worship or a public park, or it can be a place for you to live. Whatever you choose to do, make the God of your understanding part of your quest for a safe place. Prayerfully ask for guidance and allow your God to show you what to do next.

16 Udjat and 23 HeruWer



HeruWer, the elder of the gods, brings you the glyph Udjat, the eye of Heru or of Re. HeruWer is known for his wisdom, gained through much experience over a long life. What he has seen and comprehended can be shared with the younger generations to help them avoid pitfalls and to take advantage of opportunities they did not recognize were available to them. If you are needing such help, ask the God of your understanding to give you an intuition to help you understand what you need to do. If you are the elder, take time to share your wisdom with others. No matter their age, your wisdom can help them attain the knowledge they seek.

23 Nesu Bit and 56 Ausar (Osiris)

Nesu Bit - Pharaoh

Nesu Bit – Pharaoh

Nesu Bit is the hieroglyph for the pharaoh, who is Egypt in one person. This position was created in the mythology by Ausar, the first of the pharaohs. Ausar not only invented agriculture and animal husbandry, he also created the arts of civilization itself. Being such an advanced ruler, makes him a hard act to follow. Ausar tells you that you also have an office. If you are not working at a job or a career, perhaps you are a home-maker or you take care of an elder in your family. Every job is important in the bigger picture, as all come together to create a great city or country. Whatever it is that you do, whether for a living or for charitable purposes, Ausar encourages you by letting you know that you, like he, have all the skills and talents you need to accomplish your purposes and goals.

36 Khnum and 38 Hapi



Two Ancient Egyptian gods greet you with a message. Khnum, the ram-headed potter, and Hapi, the personification of the Nile River, combine to tell you that water, meaning flexibility, is essential in everything you do. Khnum takes the dry clay which is like dust and mixes it with water in order to make a pot or jar. While it is still moist, the design and shape can be changed. Once it is fired, the pot becomes hard and can be brittle. If you are in the process of making changes in your life (and who isn’t?) – you must be like the moldable clay, so that you can change to be your best.

14 Set and 29 Tefnut

Set - Passion

Set – Passion

Today brings us two gods, Set, the god of storms, and Tefnut, the goddess of water and moisture. While it may seem logical to pair the two, as many storms consist of water being moved around rapidly in great quantities, water can be a calming force. Set is known for his unrestrained passion, something that challenges each of us at times. Tefnut, or water, represents the fluid qualities of spirit. When one is dwelling in peace, centered in spirituality of your choice, the likelihood of your being taken by storms of passion is less likely. Anything that takes you out of your center, where you are at peace with yourself and with your concept of God, puts you off balance. Like a sailboat without a sail, you are at the mercy of the emotions within you and within others. When you are centered, the flow of spirit is gentle and touches those around you with peace as well.

32 Heqet and 45 Kheper



Heqet, the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of prosperity whose totem is a frog, and Kheper, the Ancient Egyptian God who pushes the sun over the horizon to create a new day every day have combined to tell you that prosperity is possible every day. If yesterday was not good for you in any way, today you have a new day. Do not keep the sadness or frustration you felt yesterday, for it is done. Instead allow yourself to see new opportunities and find a new attitude that will show you things you may have missed in the past. Face today like an explorer and treasure what you find out about yourself and the world.

24 HeruWer and 46 Aker

24HeruWer1Today’s cards are HeruWer (Horus the Elder), and Aker, the hieroglyph for the passing of time. All elders have seen many many sunrises, and have come to understand the repetitive patterns of life. If you are unsure of what you want to achieve in life, find yourself such an elder who can possibly see the patterns of your life that you are not seeing for yourself. Knowing this pattern will allow you to take charge of it and change it, should you need to.

42 Ptah and 46 Aker



Today’s cards are Ptah, the god of craftsmen and engineer to the gods, and the Aker, the hieroglyph for the present time shown as the horizon with the sun resting between two mountains. Ptah is here to point out to you that timing is very important in the planning, constructing, and maintenance of any project. Not only do you have the present time, which is where we live, you also have the past (what you are building upon) and the future (what you are going to do next and on along the chain of events). Something done at the wrong time creates problems that may spend more time than you can afford having to tear down and re-do that stage of development. So pay attention to your plans, adjust them to meet present circumstances, and be exact in your actions.