18 Menat and 40 Bastet



Today’s duo is Bastet, the cat goddess, and Menat, the necklace that embodies joy and dancing. Bastet is possibly the most popular of the goddesses for her affectionate and playful nature, but she has a serious side in which she is the protector of Pharaoh and destroyer of Apep, the god of destruction. Anyone who has played with a kitten or cat knows that moving an object back and forth is so tantalizing that the cat can’t resist pouncing and trapping that object. When you dance the joyful dance of life, you are being like Bastet. She encourages you to be joyful in all that you do and lets you in on her secret, that joy is the weapon that overcomes fear. So dance forward, trampling the the things that you fear under foot. Show them who is boss!

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