Seeking other Ancient Egypt fans

I am seeking to network with other fans of Ancient Egypt, her culture, religion, and philosophy to say nothing of her awesome art and architecture. I am particularly interested in her literature, especially that which is written in the sacred hieroglyphs. Art truly was a form of writing in Ancient Egypt.
I am not a professional Egyptologist, Archaeologist or Archaeolinguist. I am a librarian whose father raised her to be fascinated with Egypt since childhood. I have visited Egypt in 1961 as a tiny 11 year old, when it was run by Nasser and full of Communist Russians. I have visited the Louvre in Paris, the Metropolitan in NYC, and any Egypt collection that I pass by.
I would love to get into a discussion with any of you who have similar interests here.
I will be posting my musings on the topic, but once again, I am no expert.

EgyptCards Welcomes You

EgyptCards official website

Wishing to enter into discussions with others who find the spirituality and philosophy of Ancient Egypt fascinating, we are starting this blog.

The purpose of the Egypt Cards deck was to put into the hands of modern people ideas from the wisdom of a culture that lasted for thousands of years and made many major contributions to the world of today.

We started posting a card of the day inside Facebook, but found that this was not an adequate forum for getting a lively discussion going.

In case you would care to look at our official website, it is We are also to be found in Facebook at and inside twitter @EgyptCards. Both of these networking sites must be capitalized EgyptCards or the link won’t work.

What we plan to share here is a card of the day, randomly chosen with a bit of wisdom for you to ponder each day. We also find and link to specific web pages or sites that cover the hieroglyph or deity that appears on the card. As our discussion progresses, we will be covering new ideas that are going to be incorporated into additions to the deck. Your input will help us choose what is important to be included.

We will conclude with a wonderful blessing that was offered to pharaoh on temple wall carvings: ankh udja seneb (life, prosperity, health).