16 Udjat and 25 Amun



Today’s cards are the Udjat, the eye of Re or Heru (Horus) that is more than a watchful eye – it is an active principle that can either create or destroy. The other is the god Amun, the powerful creator god that is invisible like the wind, and took Egypt to the height of her empire in the ancient world. Watchfulness and unseen power combine to make things happen in unexpected ways. If you are seeking change in your life, pay attention to what is going on around you. If there is a way to put your energy into the situation you want to change, do so carefully, after researching the possibilities. If you are unable to physically do anything towards change, you are always free to use your mind and heart to pray about it to the God of your understanding.

14 Set and 22 Was

Set - Passion

Set – Passion

Today Set, the Ancient Egyptian god of storms and chaos brings with him the hieroglyph Was, the staff of power. Set wishes to tell you that all storms within your mind come from your own feelings. He cautions you to look into those feelings before acting without thinking. Today we know that once you punch the “enter” key, a post cannot be taken back. Life is like that too. Once you have spoken something out loud, you can only apologize and ask for forgiveness, as it never can be taken back. Set hands you the Was, the staff of power, to show you who is really in control of your feelings and your actions – it is you!

4 Nefer and 44 Tyet



Today’s message comes from two glyphs: Nefer, the symbol of goodness and beauty, and Tyet, the hieroglyph that is a red sash tied into a knot, that represents childbirth. When you discover something beautiful that you had not noticed before, it is like having your eyes opened for the first time, like a new babe. Sometimes, this beauty is not something new at all, like a beautiful sunset, but the magnificence can overwhelm you with an inner joy. When you have such an experience, be sure to share it with others. At the very least, you can enter it into your journal or share a picture you take online. Remember what it is that has made your life the richer for experiencing it.

23 Nesu Bit and 56 Ausar (Osiris)

Nesu Bit - Pharaoh

Nesu Bit – Pharaoh

Nesu Bit is the hieroglyph for the pharaoh, who is Egypt in one person. This position was created in the mythology by Ausar, the first of the pharaohs. Ausar not only invented agriculture and animal husbandry, he also created the arts of civilization itself. Being such an advanced ruler, makes him a hard act to follow. Ausar tells you that you also have an office. If you are not working at a job or a career, perhaps you are a home-maker or you take care of an elder in your family. Every job is important in the bigger picture, as all come together to create a great city or country. Whatever it is that you do, whether for a living or for charitable purposes, Ausar encourages you by letting you know that you, like he, have all the skills and talents you need to accomplish your purposes and goals.

42 Ptah and 54 Serket



Ptah, the Ancient Egyptian god of craftsmanship, joins with Serket, the goddess of healing and childbirth, to tell you that every craftsman will need help from another at some point in time. If you have created something, and it is not working right, you may need to “fix” either the design or the individual piece. Sometimes this help has to take the form of divine guidance, as you have tried everything humanly possible to get it right. So, instead of resting on your reputation as an excellent craftsman, ask the God of your understanding for inspiration and collaboration. When God’s hand is on your work, it cannot fail.

37 Sobek and 53 Heru


Sobek – encircling

Two of Ancient Egypt’s warrior gods have come to bring you a message. Sobek, the crocodile-headed god who is the patron of the Ancient Egyptian Army, and Heru (or Horus) the hawk-headed god who is the ruler of this world and it’s protector. They tell you together that protecting others is both an honor and a duty. Those who train for combat are joined by all those who keep the peace in any form, whether it be the police or firefighters. You too can protect the innocent, those weaker than yourself by watching for anything that is not right. You may either alert the proper authority, or step in when you feel led to help someone who is having trouble. Being a hero is always risky, but at times is necessary for the good of all

22 Was and 47 Sema

Sema - Unity

Sema – Unity

Was, the Ancient Egyptian scepter of spiritual power, joins with Sema, the hieroglyph for Unity, to tell you that spirituality joined with a heart for your community is a winning combination. Not only will you be a great gift and a builder of your world, but also you will gain great knowledge and spiritual gifts from all of the prayer and works that you do. We are not just encouraging you to partake of charitable efforts, but to make this a lifestyle. When you breathe and share with all around you the love and compassion that comes from the God of your understanding, you flood your neighborhood and more with the love that God has already placed there.

42 Ptah and 46 Aker



Today’s cards are Ptah, the god of craftsmen and engineer to the gods, and the Aker, the hieroglyph for the present time shown as the horizon with the sun resting between two mountains. Ptah is here to point out to you that timing is very important in the planning, constructing, and maintenance of any project. Not only do you have the present time, which is where we live, you also have the past (what you are building upon) and the future (what you are going to do next and on along the chain of events). Something done at the wrong time creates problems that may spend more time than you can afford having to tear down and re-do that stage of development. So pay attention to your plans, adjust them to meet present circumstances, and be exact in your actions.

16 Udjat and 49 Mnevis



The Eye of Re (Udjat) combines with the Mnevis bull, the messenger to the gods, to tell you that your prayers and thoughts are being carefully watched by the God of your understanding. If you have no personal belief system or faith, the God which you do not know is still watching, as you are part of the great experiment that is the unfolding Creation. Why not take an active part and get to know the God that created the universe and ask for the part that you were created to take in this work? Blending your mind with the Divine Mind will give you a completely different perspective on life itself. May God’s blessing be upon you!

10 Djehuti and 26 Neith



Djehuti (Thoth), the Ancient Egyptian scribe of the gods, comes with Neith, the warrior goddess who is also a huntress, to tell you that research is a valuable tool for the warrior or hunter. Research can inform you of cycles, patterns of behavior, and opportunities as well as dangers. He who goes boldly into battle without knowing his enemy has a severe lesson ahead of himself. What should you research? Any blind spots that you have. When you are informed, you can make informed choices.