2013-12-31 Mut – Mother


Mut – Mother

Today’s card is Mut, one of the two goddesses that protected Ancient Egypt. Mut is a vulture, a bird the ancients saw protecting their young to the death. Mut is shown as a golden crown upon the queens of Egypt, showing that she is the mother of Egypt. Mut asks you to look at your own mother. How has she helped make you the person that you are today? What family traits and traditions has she shared with you? If she is already gone from this life, do you still hear her words of wisdom inside your head as you go about your life? If your own mother was taken from you, has God brought you another who guides you with her caring wisdom? Mut reminds you that everyone has had the love and care of a woman in their life. Being grateful to God for this woman is as important as letting her know, in your own way, that you recognize how important she is for you now.

2013-12-30 Taweret – Protecting the Innocent

Taweret - Protecting the Innocent

Taweret – Protecting the Innocent

Today’s card is Taweret, the goddess that protects newborns and their mothers. Taweret is made of the three most feared animals in Ancient Egypt: the hippopotamus, the lion, and the crocodile. All three species fiercely protect their children from harm by anyone. Taweret asks if you think you need protection? Do you have an idea or belief that you are afraid to share for fear of ridicule or persecution from others? Is there someone young in your family that you could protect in the same way? Oftentimes, hidden beliefs are actually shared by others, but this cannot be discovered until they are shared with someone. Be brave. Taweret is watching!

2013-12-29 Amun – Hidden



Today’s card is Amun, the hidden god. While Amun is mysterious, like the wind which is unseen yet very powerful, Amun was also the greatest god in the Ancient Egyptian pantheon at the height of it’s political power. Amun’s headdress is thought to be made of ostrich feathers, the same feather that denotes truth. The truth also is invisible at times and hard to discern. Amun asks you to search for the source of your own power. Is it from your physical prowess? Is it because of your spiritual gifts or political influence? When you can discover the source of your power, you will be able to develop your ability to use that power wisely for the good of all.

2013-12-28 Renenutet – Seasons

Renenutet - Fertile Soil

Renenutet – Fertile Soil

Today’s card is Renenutet, the goddess of the land or soil itself. Renenutet is a goddess of the people, those who worked the land and tilled the soil. She was said to be present at the birth of every child to give the child his name (ren), a vital part of the soul. Renenutet is shown in our image with her son, representing grain. Renenutet is here to ask you about your own name. Do you know what it means? How many of your ancestors have also had this name? In modern times, we associate our name with our reputation, but Renenutet assures us that it goes far beyond that. Your name is an eternal part of your soul, so wear it with pride!

2013-12-27 Hapi – Nile River



Today’s card is Hapi, the twin gods of the Nile River. Hep was the old name of the Nile, so this became the personal name of the god over time. The reason for having two was that one represented Upper Egypt and the other Lower Egypt. Esoterically, the Nile can have many dual aspects: flooded vs dry, rapid vs slow, and turbulent vs placid to name a few. Hapi is here to let you know that the flow of your life also has a dual nature. There are periods of great activity and then others of rest … or the doldrums. Your task is to discern what the level of activity is, and then to go with the flow. Hapi wisely counsels you not to try and push the river in the wrong direction. Em hotep!

2013-12-26 Mayat (Maat) Truth



Today’s card is Mayat, the keeper of truth. Mayat was more than just a goddess, she represented the righteous way of life. Before one could enter into heaven, one had to prove their heart was not heavier than the feather of truth. Mayat asks you to search out the truth in your life. Are you living the way you feel that you should in your heart? Do you act in accordance with the teachings of your heart, your own personal truth? Is honesty your standard in what you say to others, and how you think of yourself? We may be heavier than a feather, but the lightness of pure truth can be a beacon to you on your path to eternity.

2013-12-25 Djehuti (Thoth) – Writing

Djehuti - Thoth

Djehuti – Thoth

Today is Christmas, the day celebrated by Christians as because God has given them his son as the greatest gift possible. Many who do not believe this religion, also give gifts because it is a tradition of the season. Like the wise men in the story of Christ’s birth, Djehuti (Thoth) has a gift for you. He is here to give you the scroll that you are writing with your thoughts and actions. What are you recording about your life yourself? If you take the time to write your thoughts, you can analyze them, not be taken on wild goose chases by them. Your thoughts are the seeds of your actions and the details of your path. Be your own master by mastering your thoughts – write them first!

2013-12-24 Heru (Horus) – Hero Savior

Heru - Horus

Heru – Horus

How appropriate that Heru is here today, the day the Christian calendar says that the infant Jesus, future savior of the world, was to be born as prophecied. Heru (Horus), the youthful hero of the gods of Ancient Egypt, is here to let you know how powerful you are. God has put within you the spark of life, and each of you has an opportunity every day to be a hero for someone else. Use that spark of life to encourage, help, and give aid to those less fortunate than you. Everyone can be a hero, especially you! Ankh, udja, seneb (Life, prosperity, health)

2013-12-23 HetHer (Hathor) – Luxury

HetHer - Hathor

HetHer (Hathor) – Luxury

Today’s card is the goddess HetHer (Hathor), whose name in hieroglyphs shows that she is the daytime sky, the Home of Heru (Horus). HetHer was a goddess from early times, but was particularly favored by the famous Cleopatra VII, the last of the Ptolemys to rule Egypt. HetHer is the perfect hostess, not only beautiful herself, but surrounding herself with beauty, goodness, music & dance, and luxury. She is here to ask you what you love to share with others? What do you offer to your guests when they come to your home? How do you make them feel welcome and are they happy to return to see you? HetHer gives you this hint: that luxury comes from the resources that you have within yourself.

2013-12-22 Iaru – Heaven



Today’s card, Iaru, is a papyrus thicket. It is the glyph for Heaven, or the Elysian Fields – as the Greeks called it. Papyrus grows at the edge of the river and provides a perfect habitat for fish and waterfowl. The cool breezes and sunshade make it a popular place for Ancient Egyptians to fish and enjoy their time off. The Iaru calls to you to think about your own leisure time. What do you do for fun? How much time do you take to let your mind rest and your body be active? What activity is it that you would like to do forever? The Ancients knew that eternity lasts much longer than a lifetime.