Aug 31, 2013 Taweret – Protecting the Innocent


Taweret – Protecting the Innocent

Today’s card is Taweret, a monster made of a hippopotamus head, lioness body, and crocodile tail. These were the most dangerous animals in Egypt, and this creature was made of all of them for the purpose of protecting newborn babies at the moment of birth. Taweret asks you if you have a new idea or project that needs assistance and protection? Have you protected your work and sought out legal protections for it, if applicable? Use your intuition to scan those who want to work with you for integrity and honesty. Place your trust in yourself and God first, before you entrust your creation to anyone else.


Aug 30, 2013 Sema – Unity



Today’s card is Sema, the word for Unity. You will notice that the lotus and papyrus plants are twined about the unity glyph in the center. The lotus is a symbol for meditation and spiritual practice, while the papyrus represents writing and record-keeping. The Sema asks you to consider your life path. Have you unified your spiritual practice with record-keeping? Sema suggests a journal will be a treasured tool for you as you walk your path in life.

Aug 29, 2013 Set



Today’s card is Set, the god of storms and unrestrained passion. Set is characterized by a mythical animal, thus its characteristics are unknown. Passions are much the same way, we never know how they will play out, as there is no thinking before acting. Set cautions you to reflect on your emotions before you act on them. What will happen if you act right now? Who will misunderstand or be hurt by your actions? Do you really want to have to “clean up” any damage by acting without thinking? Set is one of the most powerful gods in the Ancient Egyptian pantheon. His sentence for acting without thinking is to be the appointed guardian of the boat of the sun and protect Re every night against the dangers of darkness. So if you are the one having to deal with someone whose emotions are out of control, have patience and show them how to change. They will become your strongest ally. If you are the one with an unrestrained passion, take time to breathe, think, and reflect before putting your passion into action.

Aug 28, 2013 Ptah



Today’s card is Ptah, the divine engineer. The monuments left to us by the ancients attest to their abilities in design, construction and preservation. Ptah was their inspiration, having created the Earth by separating the dry land from the primeval waters. Ptah is here to ask you whether you have plans for your life? Is there something you wish to build? A job you wish to train for? A relationship that is important to you? Precision planning and following those plans will help you to achieve your goals in life, and in eternity.

Aug 27, 2013 Djehuti (Thoth)

Djehuti Thoth

Djehuti – Thoth

Djehuti (Thoth), the scribe of the gods, is here to ask you about your book of life. Djehuti records everything, mundane contracts as well as journals of spiritual awakening. Your book of life is written every day, by every thought, word, and act coming from you. Do you think before you talk or post? Do you mindfully act from your heart? Are your thoughts in line with your highest standards that you have set for yourself? Djehuti reminds you that you are in charge of your life and that you are the only one who can make changes. You will never regret choosing your highest good!

Thoughtful review of Egypt Cards by Nefer Khepri

Nefer Khepri is a tarot professional, author, and creator of a new Egyptian Lenormand tarot deck. She has thoughtfully used the Egypt Cards deck and manual and recorded her experience here.

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Aug 26, 2013 Anpu (Anubis)

Anpu or Anubis

Anpu (Anubis)

Today’s card is Anpu (Anubis), the son of Set and NebtHet (Nepthys). Anpu’s role in Ancient Egyptian Myth is one of guide and protector. Anpu’s duty for every soul leaving earth the final time is to guide them on their journey through pitfalls and challenges to the final judgment. As a guide, he shows the way. As a guardian, he protects you from evil and your own bad choices. Anpu asks if you need a guide in your life right now? Would it help for someone to mentor you and assist you in knowing what to do in an ethical dilemma? Anpu points to your heart and lets you know that you have your own balance within you, the center of your conscience. He advises you to listen to your heart in everything that you do, even in what you think. Remember that the dog family is known for its faithfulness, letting you know that Anpu’s wisdom is available to you always.

Aug 25, 2013 Nuit



Today’s card is Nuit (Nut), the night time sky. Nuit is indigo blue and touches the earth with her hands and feet, creating an arc above us. The golden stars along her belly are our ancestors who have made it to heaven. Nuit wants to remind you that you are a star in the making. Everything that you do and say here to others is recorded in your soul and that you will take with you as memories into eternity. Nuit asks you if you are mindful of your thoughts and actions? Do you see the possibilities your choices make for affecting others, maybe even in the hundreds or thousands? Nuit is not asking you to slow down to make all of these choices. Instead, she hints that a good connection to your understanding of God through your heart will lead you in the right direction consciously. Shine on that your descendants will one day see you in the heavens with all of the other stars!

Aug 24, 2013 Seshat



Today’s card is Seshat, the goddess of writing and measurement. When you look at the duties of a scribe, it is to record everything, just like a computer. The duties of Seshat not only included creative and sacred writings, but also the recording of everyday business. The everyday business related to life in Ancient Egypt, and all public buildings, especially temples, were measured out according to divine blueprints. Seshat is here to ask you what you are doing in your life that should be recorded? Are you keeping a record of important events? Are you keeping records of all of the homes in which you have lived? Do you also journal your hopes and plans? These measurements of the future are just as important as the records of your past and present, because they allow you to create your future in advance. Instead of going through life like a rolling stone, actively take part in your future by practicing all the gifts of Seshat.

Aug 23, 2013 Bastet



Today’s card is Bastet, the cat goddess. While some may think she is a small lesser goddess than Sekhmet the lioness, Bastet proudly asks you to consider that she was the protector of pharaoh, and thus of Egypt itself. Bastet is shown in tombs and scrolls as the defeater of Apep (Apophis), the serpent of destruction. Bastet asks you to look at your biggest fear. Is it something that can bring an end to the world if it should come to pass? She teaches that putting one’s fears under the bright light of direct consideration causes them to shrink and break up into little parts that can be handled until the problem is solved. So, get to work on those fears, chopping them up into little manageable bits! Then reward yourself with a cat nap.