11 Anpu and 52 Bennu

Anpu - Anubis

Anpu – Anubis

Anpu, the jackal-headed god of Ancient Egypt, brings a Bennu Bird as a message that what you are seeking is a safe place. Anpu was known as the way-shower, a guide who would walk before you on the perilous journey to the Duat, the land of eternity. The Bennu was part of a creation myth where the primeval waters were separated from dry land, to make a place for human kind to live. If you are in a place where things are not going well for you, one option is to seek dry land, a place free from worries and tears. This can be a place for you to spend time, like in a place of worship or a public park, or it can be a place for you to live. Whatever you choose to do, make the God of your understanding part of your quest for a safe place. Prayerfully ask for guidance and allow your God to show you what to do next.


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