23 Nesu Bit and 56 Ausar (Osiris)

Nesu Bit - Pharaoh

Nesu Bit – Pharaoh

Nesu Bit is the hieroglyph for the pharaoh, who is Egypt in one person. This position was created in the mythology by Ausar, the first of the pharaohs. Ausar not only invented agriculture and animal husbandry, he also created the arts of civilization itself. Being such an advanced ruler, makes him a hard act to follow. Ausar tells you that you also have an office. If you are not working at a job or a career, perhaps you are a home-maker or you take care of an elder in your family. Every job is important in the bigger picture, as all come together to create a great city or country. Whatever it is that you do, whether for a living or for charitable purposes, Ausar encourages you by letting you know that you, like he, have all the skills and talents you need to accomplish your purposes and goals.

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