14 Set and 29 Tefnut

Set - Passion

Set – Passion

Today brings us two gods, Set, the god of storms, and Tefnut, the goddess of water and moisture. While it may seem logical to pair the two, as many storms consist of water being moved around rapidly in great quantities, water can be a calming force. Set is known for his unrestrained passion, something that challenges each of us at times. Tefnut, or water, represents the fluid qualities of spirit. When one is dwelling in peace, centered in spirituality of your choice, the likelihood of your being taken by storms of passion is less likely. Anything that takes you out of your center, where you are at peace with yourself and with your concept of God, puts you off balance. Like a sailboat without a sail, you are at the mercy of the emotions within you and within others. When you are centered, the flow of spirit is gentle and touches those around you with peace as well.


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