42 Ptah and 47 Sema



Today’s cards are Ptah, the engineer god who created the earth by separating it from the water by a dam, and the hieroglyph, Sema, or unity, represented by a lotus and papyrus plant being tied together. Although Ptah created the dry land upon which we live through the principle of separation, most of his other achievements had to do with bringing things together. His city, MenNefer (Memphis), the city of white walls, was known for its beautiful temples and for being the first capital city of a united Egypt. The city had to be well built against the power of water, because it was situated in the Nile delta, and was a famous port. Anyone who has been involved in a large building project knows that it takes many people working together, from the planning stages all of the way through building to maintenance. Without unity, there can be no large buildings. Ptah is here to let you know that you must work with others on the important parts of your life. You do not live in a cave like a hermit, you are connected to many different people every day through many different ways. Ptah suggests that building relationships is a sure way to a successful life.


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