6 Aton and 38 Hapi



Aton, the sole sun god of Akhenaton, comes with Hapi, the god of the Nile River to tell you that cycles of change are upon you. If you think about it, the sun in our solar system has seen a lot in its time, lighting all of the planets that swirl around it. Just like the elders in your community, the sun has seen it all many times. The Nile has also seen and given life to the many people who have lived on her banks for thousands of years. If you are adrift in your own life, not knowing where you are going or having any sense of direction, find yourself an elder to mentor you. They have been in this very same condition, perhaps many times already. Let them share their wisdom with you. And if you are the elder, share that wisdom that you have because the young ones all need guidance, whether they know it or not!


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