27 HetHer and 48 Hetch

HetHer - Hathor

HetHer (Hathor) – Luxury

HetHer (Hathor), the Ancient Egyptian goddess of beauty and luxury brings you the hieroglyph, Hetch, the precious metal, Silver. Silver was once used to create mirrors, for the ruling class only, because of its cost. The mirror is a useful tool. Not only do you see what you look like to others, but you also see it in reverse, making the mirror a tricky thing. HetHer reminds you that other people are also your mirror. In their eyes, you see how you look (how you present yourself) to that person. If you are unsure who you really are, HetHer suggests you take some time with all of your mirrors, the ones on the wall and the ones in your life. They have a lot to show you that you might have overlooked.


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