17 Mut and 44 Tyet


Mut – Mother

Mut, the vulture goddess of Ancient Egypt, brings you the hieroglyph Tyet – the buckle of Auset (Isis). Mut is the great mother who spreads her wings high in the sky and watches over her children as well as protecting pharaoh, who is Egypt in a person. She brings this symbol of birth and of magic to assure you that life itself is a mystery. All are born, coming seemingly from nothing, and all leave this life eventually to live in eternity. Mut asks you to watch all that goes on in your life as she does. Be careful of your words and your deeds. While they may not be written down in stone, their power touches the whole world through the internet and social media. What you speak, and what you capture in pictures, may last longer and go further than you would imagine.


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