19 Shenu and 20 Nebu

Shenu - Cycle


The Ancient Egyptian hieroglyph which is the closest to the concept of infinity is the Shenu, which is a rope tied into a circle. All of the names of the pharaohs are encircled by this rope, which is also called a cartouche by the archaeologists, because it means Pharaoh X, may he live forever! The other glyph is Nebu, the hieroglyph for the precious metal gold. The pharaohs were also surrounded by gold during their lives because they were considered to be the son of the Sun, and gold is solidified sunlight. When you consider the heaven that is described in your own belief system, is it said to be paved with streets of gold? Instead of waiting until you become an eternal being on the other side of life, take time now to see all that is here already upon Earth that is heavenly. The more you appreciate the present, the more you will appreciate eternity because it will be filled with your earthly memories of all that is good.


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