23 Nesu Bit and 35 Int

Nesu Bit - Pharaoh

Nesu Bit – Pharaoh

Two hieroglyphs from Ancient Egypt bring you this message: Nesu Bit – the name for the divine king who was pharaoh – and Int – the pilot fish that escorted the barque of Re through the dangers of the darkness each night. When someone is given the responsibility for others, such as a king or the father of a household, there are many more dangers to face than when navigating through the perils of life alone. What the Int tells you to do is to look into unusual places: people you don’t know, people you may not agree with, or even turning to books and recordings of the lives of those who passed before you were born. All of these are resources you may not respect or seek for advice. When there is trouble brewing and you are responsible, especially when you are responsible for others, any resource which brings you good advice is precious indeed.


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