34 Ayehh and 48 Hetch

Ayehh - the Moon

Ayehh – the Moon

Today two hieroglyphs come together to give you a message. Ayehh represents the moon in all of it’s cycles, reminding us that life is a continuation of cycles from start to finish. Hetch is the glyph for the precious metal, Silver, the solidified moonbeams of the subconscious mind and the dream time. Even though silver is not as valuable as gold, yet it is precious and has its characteristics which make it possible to fight against pollution and infection. When you are facing something like a cold, something that saps you of energy and stamina, pay attention to the cycles in your life. Biorhythms and biological cycles are examples of such recurring cycles in your body, while the four seasons and actuarial tables tell us these cycles also affect the business world. Whatever your challenge is, know that your own intuition and the experience you already have in life will help you through this and future challenges


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