19 Shenu and 50 Apep


Shenu - Cycle


Today brings two glyphs from Ancient Egypt to help you on your spiritual path. The knotted loop of rope, Shenu, is a symbol for eternity, much like the infinity symbol we use today that looks like an 8 on its side. Apep, a wavy snake, is the glyph for destruction and disintegration. They appear to be complete opposites: one a circle and the other a wavy line. When you put them together you see that the principle behind Apep is one part of a cycle (a circle that repeats itself). There is a time for planting and a time for reaping. Take a look at your own life and determine which cycle you are in. If you are repeating the same lessons over and over, it may be time for you to get our your harvester and complete the lesson so that you may go on to something new.


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