5 Sekhet and 30 Wadj


Sekhet - Journey

Sekhet – Journey

Today’s Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs are Sekhet, the boat of Re, and Wadj, the papyrus staff which represents spiritual power. All those who choose to take the quest after their own Holy Grail, the spark of God within, find that the journey itself becomes the destination. Like the boat of Re which sails every night to take the great sun god through the perils of darkness toward the light of a new day, your quest might have begun in darkness as well as you sought the light of understanding. The papyrus, which was the first material ever used to make both paper and the brushes used to write as well, suggests to you that your journey should be recorded in a journal. You do not have to use just words. Little poems, drawings, doodling or even pasting in pictures with a description of what the picture means to you will make good reading later on. You just might find that you pass by the same point, again and again. When you recognize it, it is your choice to do the dance again or to say to yourself that this particular lesson is already completed. You are the pilot of your own Sekhet boat.


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