26 Neith and 49 Mnevis




Today’s cards are the Ancient Egyptian goddess of hunting and war, Neith, who is both an archer and a weaver, and Mnevis, the sacred bull that is the messenger to the gods. Together they would tell you when you have a request or a question of Spirit, that you should take the time to be accurate. If you were to tell the God of your understanding that you wanted to get a new job, without giving any details, you might be offered a job at a fast food place, which might not be a good choice if you were a small business owner of a contracting firm. So, take the time to think through why you want the job, what kind of work you like to do, and some salary and benefit requests as well. You might even throw in what location you want the job to be. A wise mentor once said that you have to give God the details or your answers will be as foggy as your prayers!


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