20 Nebu and 23 NesuBit

Nebu - Gold

Nebu – Gold

Today’s hieroglyphs are Nebu, the glyph for the precious metal gold, and NesuBit, the glyph for the divine king or pharaoh. When many people think of the pharaohs of ancient times, they think of the tombs filled with gold or remember movies showing the pharaohs to be richer than any king from any other land. While gold is precious, it was used as a physical representation of the rays of the sun, as if it were frozen sunlight. Just imagine if gold could give you all of the power of the sun to be at your command! When you are in charge, you may be tempted to think that money gives you power. This would be a mistake, for money flows where the power is already present. Instead, focus on the true source of your power, your connection with the God of your understanding.


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