4 Nefer and 53 Heru

Heru - Horus

Heru – Horus

Today we have Heru (Horus), the young hero who is the prototype for the pharaoh, and the hieroglyph for goodness and beauty, Nefer. While a spiritual and political leader is expected to be good, this is not always the case. Life has been known to bring forth temptations that could pull a leader off-center, enticing him or her to choose to say and do the wrong things for the wrong reasons. What this combination tells you is that leadership, in and of itself, does not confer righteousness upon the leader. If you are in a leadership position, you will constantly have to guard against being deceived or tempted to do something you know in your heart is not right to do. If you are dealing with a leader who has gotten off-path, your example and prayers for their success – as a leader – are very important.


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