41 Nuit and 50 Apep



Today we have Nuit, the goddess of the night sky, and Apep, the god of destruction. The Ancients considered night time to be full of danger: what if the sun did not return to give us the light and life that we need? Nuit is depicted with the boat of the sun on her back, as if she were carefully taking the sun on it’s perilous journey. The danger of chaos is personified by Apep. It is his job to swallow the sun so that it cannot return. Darkness and destruction together are terrifying. Your two resources are faith and hope: faith that the light has always been there when you needed it, and hope that it will be there again for you. If you are in a dark time right now, rely on your faith and hope to carry you through to the next dawn. If you are helping someone else go through their dark night of the soul, remind them of all the good they have already received and that there is more ahead of them. Patience and perseverance will bring the dawn you seek.


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