19 Shenu & 31 Ib

Shenu - Cycle


Today’s hieroglyphs are the Shenu, a rope tied in an endless circle signifying eternity, and the little pot that represents the Ib, or heart, which was considered to be the seat of the conscience. The ancients believed in a final judgement, wherein your heart was weighed against a feather. If your heart was light because you lead a righteous life, you were assured of an eternal existence. If your heart was heavy, you were doomed. Today we no longer believe in such judgments because we know that life is a moment to moment story that unfolds based on the decisions we make. These two cards are here to caution you that every one of these decisions will have an eternal effect on your spirit, so choose wisely! (Hint: the ancients would tell you to follow the promptings of your heart)


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