20 Nebu & 56 Ausar

Nebu - Gold

Nebu – Gold

Today’s cards are Nebu, the hieroglyph for the precious metal – gold, and Ausar (Osiris) the king of the gods who created agriculture and kingship. Ausar’s skin is often shown as being green – the color of lush vegetation, while the other gods are all seen as having skin the color of gold. Ausar truly was of the earth and showed mankind the value of tending crops in order to feed everyone, allowing cities to be established. While many have been dazzled by the wealth that gold
represents, Ausar is here to show you the value of the earth as not only your provider of nourishment, but also as your home. What do
you value most? Is it money (which in the US is green), or is it your
homeland? When you establish your value system, many decisions
you will have to make will become clear.


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