2 Djed and 41 Nuit

Djed Pillar

Djed Pillar – Stability

Today’s hieroglyphs are the Djed pillar and Nuit, the goddess of the night sky. Ancient man did not understand physics or astronomy, so theorized that the sky was held up by giant pillars that stood on the four corners of a flat world. Although we know this to be false today, there remain ideas that set the boundaries of how you view the world around you. To the ancients, the night sky, being full of stars and mysteries, reminds us that our ancestors and the gods are watching us below in our lives. Now is a good time to take stock of your beliefs. Which ones are “true” and which are nonsense? If you know what you truly believe, you will change the location of your four pillars and also learn more about yourself in the process.


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