10 Djehuti and 30 Wadj

Today’s cards are Djehuti (Thoth), the ibis-headed scribe of the gods, and the Wadj, a papyrus stem that is a hieroglyph for spiritual leadership. Djehuti does much more than keep a scroll of the doings of the gods and kings, he is also responsible for keeping track of magic. This is a controversial topic for Egyptologists who have not decided how wide-spread the use of magic was in Ancient Egypt, much less coming to an agreement on a definition for magic. If we look at magic as a spiritual practice, using the written and spoken word to call forth power from the gods, we see that Djehuti was a busy god, always recording chants, spells, and prayers. He encourages you to use your own magic, the ability to pray to the God of your understanding for healing, better conditions, and to help those around you. Djehuti knows that a constant practice of prayer brings good results.

Djehuti - Thoth

Djehuti – Thoth




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