32 Heqet and 51 Renenutet

Today brings two goddesses, Heqet, the frog-headed goddess of prosperity and multiplication, and Renenutet, the goddess that represents the fertile soil and the gifts the land brings us. Putting these tow cards together, there is a mothering instinct that watches out for all children, your own and all others. These goddesses were known for their huge number of children, making them the mother of all. They ask you what you are doing for the children of the world today? Do you remember them when you make choices that affect the ecology? Do you think about future generations when you speak to others, making sure you do not say harsh words that you cannot take back? Do you encourage the youth, by words and by example, to be the best they can? Heqet and Renenutet both remind you that you are one of the children that they have raised (prosperity and harvests) and ask you to remember the children in all that you do.



Renenutet - Fertile Soil

Renenutet – Fertile Soil


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