37 Sobek and 52 Bennu

Today’s cards are Sobek, the crocodile god of protection, and the Bennu bird, which stands for a safe place. When you put them together, you see that the crocodile, who makes a circle around his young, nose to tail, to protect them against all comers is indeed making a safe place. If you are feeling a bit bombarded by life and circumstances, Sobek recommends that you make a safe place for yourself to relax in. Pick a spot in your home, or find a sacred place such as a house of worship or somewhere in nature, that you can be undisturbed. For those who meditate, the physical location is not as important as being able to tune out and tune in. Wherever you choose a spot, bless it and use it often, not only to relax, but to be grateful to the God of your understanding for all of the good you have already received.


Sobek – encircling

Bennu - Safe Place

Bennu – Safe Place


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