17 Mut and 21 ReHoremakhet

Today’s pair is Mut, the vulture goddess who is the mother of Ancient Egypt, and ReHoremakhet, the great sphinx that guards the Giza Plateau. Both of these deities are watchers. The mother watches over her children from above, having eyes perhaps better than those of the eagle. The sphinx guards the great pyramids, the last standing wonder of the ancient world. Both wait until they are needed, not interfering in the everyday lives of the people. Their advice to you is to watch into your near future. Perhaps you are a parent or teacher of young people, and have to guard them without interfering. Perhaps there is something coming that you don’t expect. Instead of worrying about what the future may bring, just wait. Patience is a great virtue while worrying is a drain on your resources in the present.


Mut – Mother




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