12 Mayat and 26 Neith

Two goddesses for today are Mayat, the goddess of truth and righteousness, and Neith, the warrior goddess who is also a weaver. Mayat is the duty of every pharaoh, to make sure that his nation is filled with peace and order. Neith, much like her Greek counterpart Athena, is a warrior who uses the bow and arrow with great accuracy. When you put them together, you see that accuracy is essential when you are dealing with the truth. Any lawyer, politician, and teacher knows this, that incorrect or incomplete facts lead to errors and misunderstandings. Mayat and Neith both encourage you to watch your words, are they truly correct? Also, you must watch your actions, for they speak louder than words. Do not work on mere assumptions, instead reassure yourself by testing the truth of what is said and done around you. Your highest intentions must be backed by truth!





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