24 HeruWer and 48 Hetch

HeruWer (Horus the Elder) and Hetch (silver) are the cards for today. Perhaps silver has combined with HeruWer because of the universal hair color that time bestows upon our elders. Perhaps silver is showing the value of experience and mentoring that our elders give us in tiny bits, as we allow or listen to them and store in our subconscious minds like a treasure to discover when it is needed. The advice for today is to listen to your elders and encourage them to share their wisdom with you. For those of you who are elders (remember a 30 year old seems ancient to a teenager), watch for the opening to gift others with your wealth of knowledge and experience. Either way, may the All That Is bless you as you learn and help others.



Heru Wer

Heru Wer


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