2014-01-01 Hapi – Old Man River



Today’s card is Hapi, the god of the Nile River. Looking at the first day of the western calendar, Hapi points to life itself. Like the river that is sometimes docile and smooth, at other times tumultuous and fast, there are twin Hapis.  Just as the Nile brought life and prosperity to the land of Egypt, Hapi asks you what you deem to be the source of your life and wealth? Do you think your job or another person is responsible, or is it your own God? When your life becomes dreary (like a drought and the river is low) or too fast (when there is too much rain), do you feel helpless or do you trust in God who created the river of life in the first place? Hapi reminds you that every year brings its joys and its challenges. He encourages you to go with the flow and trust the One True Source: the god of your understanding.


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