2013-12-31 Mut – Mother


Mut – Mother

Today’s card is Mut, one of the two goddesses that protected Ancient Egypt. Mut is a vulture, a bird the ancients saw protecting their young to the death. Mut is shown as a golden crown upon the queens of Egypt, showing that she is the mother of Egypt. Mut asks you to look at your own mother. How has she helped make you the person that you are today? What family traits and traditions has she shared with you? If she is already gone from this life, do you still hear her words of wisdom inside your head as you go about your life? If your own mother was taken from you, has God brought you another who guides you with her caring wisdom? Mut reminds you that everyone has had the love and care of a woman in their life. Being grateful to God for this woman is as important as letting her know, in your own way, that you recognize how important she is for you now.


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