2013-12-16 Was – Staff of Power

Was Staff of Power

Was – Staff of Power

Today’s card is the Was, the staff of power. This staff is seen in the hands of the Pharaoh and the high priest. The strange shape is a streamlined version of the head of Set on a forked tail. It may seem odd to carry the emblem of the god of storms, but having power over storms and the ability to direct that power is useful to the one in power. The Was asks you to look to your own source of power. Do you think you receive power from your job or certain relationships? Do you think your power is due to some physical strength or your talents, training and experience? The Was advises you to look higher, to the source of your belief system. Unlike all of the other sources, your beliefs can never fade or be taken from you. Trust in your true source and use your power wisely!


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