Dec 4 2013 – Nesu Bit – Pharaoh

Nesu Bit - Pharaoh

Nesu Bit – Pharaoh

Today’s card is Nesu Bit, the sacred name for Pharaoh. Whoever was the pharaoh was more than just a man (and in some cases, a woman). The pharaoh was also Egypt personified. As such, he was twice the ordinary person. He had the usual body, mind, and spirit, but he also was the body (in person), mind (the government) and spirit (the heart and soul) of Egypt. Have you ever looked at the leader of your country in this way? Elected or not, the leader has on his or her shoulders the cares and concerns of running the nation, making him somewhat like the pharaohs of old. This is a year of elections to fill the office of president in the US and in Egypt. Use your vote to choose wisely. And Nesu Bit asks you to support your leader by giving him your respect, even if you didn’t vote for him. Your respect is necessary to create harmony for the nation as a whole. Harmony equals peace. Pass it on! Em hotep.


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