Dec 1 2013 – Ayehh – Moon

Ayehh - the Moon

Ayehh – the Moon

The Moon was a special heavenly body to the Ancient Egyptians. They associated the Moon with Djehuti (Thoth) who was the scribe of the gods. The Moon is known for its influence on dreams. At times dreams are tranquil while at other times, they are harried and worrisome. If your dreamtime has become reckless and senseless, take time to contemplate the Moon. Be aware of its many phases and what they mean to you. If you have a gardener’s almanac, you will find the different phases of the moon are beneficial for different types of work. One would not harvest during a phase that keeps the sap low in order to get more juicy fruit, for example. Once you have come to know the Moon, allow this wisdom to seep into your dreamtime. If your dreams are troubled during a time of quiet, you will know that they are a potent message for you. By journaling your dreams, you will learn your own language of dreams.


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