Nov 30 2013 – Wadj – Spiritual Leadership



The Wadj is a papyrus scepter that denotes Spiritual Leadership and Powers. Primarily held by women, the Wadj represents their equal place in spiritual matters. Many lands today have opened their spiritual leadership positions to women, but this was not always so. While it is true that the basic nature of men and women is different, this does not mean that they are not equally valuable as leaders in spiritual matters. If you are a woman seeking your own spiritual growth, you will need teachers of both genders. Once you become a leader, you may be called on to teach men as well as women. If you are a male spiritual advisor and teacher, be sure you open your female students’ minds to all the possibilities that they have. When men and women alike are seen as spiritual teachers and mentors, all children will have equal access to what is already rightfully theirs: spiritual growth.


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