Nov 26 2013 – Iaru – Fertile Land – Heaven



Iaru is a well loved hieroglyph that you will see everywhere in Ancient Egyptian temples and tombs. It represents the favorite place of rest for all Egyptians: the banks of the Nile where there are cool breezes, beautiful waterfowl, and many fish to catch. If you look at the Temple of Philae you will see this glyph in stone, the pillars being papyrus plants. Iaru is here for you to contemplate your own heaven here on Earth. Where is it that you love to go to feel close to God? Is it a temple or holy place, or might it just be a place in nature where you feel so good you never want to leave? Once you see that holiness is not confined to any one physical location, you will begin to find heaven everywhere around you. Be sure and share this knowledge with others!


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