Nov 21, 2013 Ib – The Heart or Conscience

Ib - heart

Ib – Heart – Conscience

Today’s glyph is the Ib, or heart. The Ancients believed that the heart was the most important part of the body as it was the seat of the Conscience. The Ib had a way of telling on you at your final judgment, where your heart was weighed against the feather of Truth, or Mayat. The Ib asks you if you have been true to your heart? Have your actions matched what you believe to be right? Have your words been good or have they had a secret motive behind them that might harm others? If your heart is good, and lights the path of your life, your judgment of yourself will come out well. If not, correct your ideals to match those in your heart and change the steps you take for the better.


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