Nov 17, 2013 Bennu Bird –

Bennu - Safe Place

Bennu – Safe Place

The Bennu Bird is an Ancient Egyptian symbol for “safe place.” In the mythology, the Bennu found the first dry land created when Ptah made a dike to separate the water from the earth. The Bennu landed on the BenBen stone, which the Ancients considered to be a sacred place much like the Greeks had their Omphalos stone at every Oracle. The Bennu is here to get you to look at where you spend most of your time. Is it a safe place for you? Are you able to be yourself and take off any masks that you use to present yourself to the rest of the world? If you do not have such a place, the Bennu suggests that you find one. If you do not have the ability to let down your guard, you may forget who you truly are inside.


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