Nov 14, 2013 NesuBit – divine ruler

Today’s card is NesuBit, the hieroglyph for pharaoh, the divine ruler of Ancient Egypt. You will notice the glyph is made up of a bee (signifying the hive where the good of the hive rules), a reed (symbolizing writing and record-keeping done by all advanced civilizations), and two loaves of bread (the ruler must provide for his people). If you are in a position of leadership, are you aware that you are literally responsible for those under your guidance? You not only have to schedule and train your people, but you must also feed them. Giving nourishment like bread (a euphemism for money) is only the beginning, you must also give them spiritual bread (the staff of life) by being an example of good. If you are not the leader, and are having trouble relating to your parents, teacher, or boss, take a moment to see what they must deal with aside of you and your situation. Knowing what your leader faces may inspire you to be helpful, for one day, you may find yourself in the leader’s shoes.


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