Nov 12, 2013 NebtHet (Nephthys) – Secrets

NebtHet (Nephthys)

NebtHet (Nephthys)

NebtHet (Nephthys), the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of loyalty and faithfulness, is a sister to Auset (Isis) and wife to Set. Her part in the myth forces her to make a choice, between her husband Set, who killed his brother to usurp the throne, and her sister Auset, who became a hunted fugitive. Perhaps your own choice is not so severe, but life can make us come to points where we must choose between two very strong choices, each binding you with emotional ties. The only way to proceed is to step back and look at it logically. Lock those feelings in a closet! Now, which choice is the righteous one to make? Which choice serves justice for all concerned? Which choice does your Ib (your spiritual heart and conscience) want you to make? Now, once you have determined this, stick to your position. Do not let anyone else sway you from what you know is the highest good. Loyalty and faithfulness are rare in today’s world, so NebtHet encourages you to be strong and do what you know is right.


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