Oct 30 2013 Ayehh – the Moon

Ayehh - the Moon

Ayehh – the Moon

Today’s card is Ayehh, a symbol for the moon in all of its phases. The Ancients linked the moon with Djehuti (Thoth), the scribe of the gods. One of Djehuti’s jobs was to record dreams and compile them into a dictionary. Sleep was thought of as the little death, where a person went to the other world temporarily, only to awaken into this world. On such a journey, things were experienced and people encountered that would have been impossible here. Djehuti asks you if you are paying attention to your own dreams? Do you keep a journal so that the symbolism does not fade with the morning light? Do you make note of what these symbols mean to you, as they may have your own significance? Djehuti opens the scroll of your dreams and invites you to learn from them.


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