Oct 28 2013 Auset (Isis) – Queen

Auset (Isis)

Auset (Isis)

Today’s card is Auset (Isis), the wife of Ausar (Osiris) and mother of Heru (Horus). She shows the powerful position of Egyptian women in ancient times. When her husband was assassinated, Auset used healing magic to bring him back to life. Ausar told her he was more powerful in the other world, and left the government of Egypt, and the raising of their son, in her capable hands. Auset is thus a healer, regent, and protector-mother of the next generation. Auset asks you to look at your own capabilities. Do you have an impossible situation facing you with a powerful opponent? Are you in charge of someone younger or less experienced? Auset lets you know that you have within you all that you need to succeed in this situation. You have the knowledge and experience to be filled with wisdom! Do not look to the approval of those you think more powerful than yourself. Instead, look to your belief in God or a higher power as your source of all that is good.


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