Oct 14, 2013 Shu – Air

Shu - Air

Shu – Air

Today’s card is Shu, the god of air. Shu has created the small envelope in which we live on this planet. Shu is here to remind you the the element of air includes the ability to breathe. Our breath is like our spirit, something invisible that carries life itself. Shu would have you pay attention to the breath in your body. Do you realize how it ebbs and flows, just like the ocean? There are times when the breath comes fast and hard, and others when the breath is almost unnoticeable. The ancients realized the essential nature of the breath and provided rituals to ensure that their departed ones would breathe in the next world. If you are fully here, enjoying and participating in life with each breath, you are creating memories that will carry you into the next world for eternity.


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