Oct 10, 2013 Mut – Mother


Mut – Mother

Mut, the mother goddess of Ancient Egypt, wife to Amun, and protector of her people, is here to show you her caring concern over your life. The Ancients believed that the vulture, with its wide spread wings, drifting on unseen currents of air, high in the sky, was the perfect mother who watched over her children and protected them to her death, if needed. Mut is here to let you know that she is also watching over you. Are you treading in uncharted territory? Do you need assistance in making life choices? Are you a mother yourself, or like a mother, responsible for a child or someone unable to care for themselves? Whatever your worry, Mut is watching, as is your own concept of God. You are never alone and all you have to do is cry out to call the caring watchful mother aspect of God.

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