Sept 27, 2013 Anpu – Anubis

Anpu - Anubis

Anpu – Anubis

Anpu (Anubis), the jackal headed god, is here to be with you today. Anpu’s main role in the pantheon of Ancient Egypt is to be the way-shower. Not only does he guide a soul from this world to the next, he is also here to walk before you to clear the way. If you have been blocked on your spiritual path in life, look for your guidance. You may look to the God of your understanding, or to any spiritual source included in your belief system. You may also ask God to provide you with a mentor, someone more experienced than yourself who can advise you and point out the pitfalls along the way. Perhaps you are being called into this service for others. Sometimes giving advice to others is the best way to clear your own vision for yourself.


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