Sept 18, 2013 Heru – Horus

Heru - Horus

Heru – Horus

Today’s card is Heru (Horus), the falcon who represents the sky itself. Heru is the prototype for the Pharaoh, the man who is Egypt in a person. Like the knights of Medieval Europe, Heru fights against evil on our behalf. Heru asks you what evil you are struggling against? Is it unfairness at work or a neighbor that gossips about you to your harm? Is it the political climate in your country or the economic depression that affects everyone in addition to yourself? Or is it a more hidden challenge, an evil temptation within that you do not fully recognize? Whatever the form evil takes, Heru assures you that good always triumphs over evil. Take confidence in the God you know and put your efforts into what your belief system tells you to do.


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